Rex Barr


Who Is Rex Bar?

Rex Barr

Born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rex Barr found that the energy and vibrancy emanating from the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ fostered his independence, despite being raised in the suburbs. After graduating from a competitive Catholic high school, Rex enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a bachelor’s degree, and later, Fordham University, where he earned a master’s.

Upon entering the working world, Rex Barr became a serial entrepreneur, inspired by the incredible example of his mother, a businesswoman in her own right. Rex’s first business showcased his desire to help others and support his community; he opened a home healthcare agency. As a new business owner, he had to learn a great deal very quickly. Besides navigating the notoriously complex healthcare industry, Rex had to shore up his knowledge of business management, as well as acquaint himself with the legal obligations endemic to providing medical care to clients. However, these early lessons paid off in time, laying the foundation for his later success.

These days, Rex Barr dedicates himself to helping small businesses with growth and expansion, and optimizing their profitability. His own efforts, as well as those of his valued team, address the day-to-day needs of small business owners across many industries. Things he wished he knew when launching his first business, such as insights into the legal environment, proper accounting practices, and other critical business management systems, are provided by his newest company, Catan Strategy Group. When his clients achieve their goals, Rex finds personal satisfaction. He views their success as his success.